07 May 2023 |

AI gets in on battery R&D


AI is all the rage. So much so that it’s difficult to separate signal from noise, whether in the umpteenth AI-related fundraising announcement or breathless tweets about the latest creative application of ChatGPT. 

Ironic, as separating signal from noise is something AI is supposed to help with, not make harder. Nor is the climate tech space remote from the abundance of AI-related noise. 

That’s why my latest podcast episode was a particular treat. In it, I got to interview Jason Koeller, CTO and co-founder of Chemix.

Chemix just announced its $10M seed round this week. With that funding in tow, Jason and team will continue to use AI to develop and design better EV batteries. This week their team is already in the news regarding a few new cobalt-free batteries the team is working on. 

Jason helpfully spent a good portion of our conversation: 

  • Breaking down how AI isn’t all about algorithms, you need better data too
  • What AI is actually good at doing in the battery R&D process
  • Where else AI applications are ‘legit’ vs. perhaps not so much (yet)
Chemix co-founder and CTO Jason Koeller cooking up some new battery chemistries (possibly) ‘in the lab’ as it were (via Chemix)

If all that sounds interesting to you, and / or delving into the complex world of battery R&D and all the various factors that battery developers consider interests you, listen here