23 February 2023 |

New Instagram updates you should know about


Wake up babe! New Adam Mosseri video(s) drop! Let’s break down what you missed:


  • This is a ‘one-to-many’ message channel for brands and creators
  • Mosseri says sharing behavior on Instagram has changed a ton in the past 10yrs
  • More people share content via DMs than anywhere else
  • And people share more to Stories than to Feed
  • So DMs > Stories > Feed re: sharing behavior
  • Instagram is also considering allowing more than one creator to be in the same channel (not live yet)
  • The Broadcast Channel feature is available to a small group, and will roll out soon

Here is Adam Mosseri’s full explainer video.


  • This is pretty much Meta’s response to Twitter’s paid verification subscription
  • Paying for Meta Verified will get you a blue check
  • It will also come with impersonation prevention
  • Meta will actually verify users using government ID (unlike Twitter)
  • Subscribers will get increased reach in search, comments, and recommendations
  • Meta Verified will roll out in Australia first, and then around the world

Here is Adam Mosseri’s full explainer video.


  • Play around with broadcast channels once you get access. Kinda cool and could have some potential applications like announcing product drops, events, new content, and more.
  • If you run a brand or are a content creator… sign up for Meta Verified when it rolls out. Don’t be dumb and stubborn — just take the increased reach lol.

Damn. That was a record.

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I also wrote more about ‘what’s working now’ on Instagram, if you want a deeper dive. Read that here.