13 February 2023 |

the best and worst of Super Bowl social 🏈


Super Bowl social media: a round up

I’m going to try to make this as coherent as possible — but, honestly, I kinda like this edition behind more of a summary of random takes re: what I saw on social media yesterday.

Shall we?

First up…

Everyone is always going to have an opinion on your work

Marketer’s love to give their takes when absolutely nobody asked (look at me right now lmao).

The crazy part?

2 different marketers can look at the exact same commercial, the exact exact social campaign, and have 2 different reactions — for no good reason.

Let’s look at an example from yesterday. There was a commercial by Tubi — a streaming platform — that made it seem like someone was changing the channel on the TV (you can watch it here to see what I mean).

I had my eyes on the timeline as this unfolded.

Some marketers were like ‘OMG they totally got me… that was good’ and some marketers were like ‘dude that commercial almost tore my family apart WTF.’

No real reasoning behind either take.

My point?

You’re never going to please everyone with your marketing campaigns. There’s always gonna be some loser in the bleachers shitting on what you do. Sure. Listen to feedback. But generally… screw ‘em 🙂

Trending memes from the Super Bowl (use these today… you still have time)

I have a confession to make. I’m not a huge football guy.

Well, I am, but not that kind of football (⚽️ > 🏈). Very un-American of me… I know.

The real reason I look forward to Super Bowl Sundays is for the meme templates the game and the halftime show both have to offer.

This was especially true this year. There hasn’t been a true viral meme template lately.

And per usual, the Super Bowl (and Rihanna’s halftime show) delivered.

Here are 2 memes that stemmed from the Super Bowl that you can use from the brand account:

Meme template #1:

Meme template #2:

By the time you’re reading this, the window to use these is still open, but closing fast.

I’d aim to get a meme out with these templates by Monday evening or Tuesday morning at the latest.

(if you miss the wave… don’t worry… it’s fine)

And you can’t really use this one from the brand account, but this was my favorite Super Bowl meme by far LOL

The creativity of the internet will never cease to amaze me.

The best Super Bowl commercials also had a social component

In 2023, it’s silly for brands to not have a social media component to major activations like this.

(Yet another reason for social media teams to be heavily involved in wider marketing department meetings)

A few examples of what I mean:

Tubi tweeted their entire commercial from the brand account.

Super low-lift way to take advantage of a major brand moment and squeeze out a few hundred thousand more views.

I also like the way they added a question to the caption to boost engagement.

Doritos also used social to expand on the moment, tweeting their commercial from both their account Jack Harlow’s account (guess which got more exposure and engagement).

Yup. The tweet from Jack Harlow’s account. It raked 17.9M views for the brand outside of the proper Super Bowl placement, compared to just 637K views from the brand account.

People would rather engage with people. Not brands. I’ve been saying this.

This next ad actually went in reverse — meme became a Super Bowl commercial.

If you’re tuned into internet culture at all, you’ve seen the memes of Ben Affleck carrying Dunkin Donuts.

There’s too many to list here. So I’ll just show you the Google Images search to prove my point LOL

Screen Shot 2023-02-13 at 7.17.17 AM.png

And yesterday… Affleck starred in Dunkin’s Super Bowl placement:

This is a great example of a brand being aware enough to tap into internet culture.

The best brands don’t ignore memes. They lean into them.

I suspect we’ll see more of this in the coming years.

Some final thoughts

Anyway. Those are my somewhat random thoughts on Super Bowl marketing.

Oh, and one more note.

Today is one of those days I’m thankful AF to be working in B2B SaaS.

I have the freedom to participate in memes and trends from yesterday, without feeling like I have to (nobody is going to notice if a niche Shopify data platform doesn’t chime in on a Super Bowl commercial).

Running social for a Super Bowl campaign seems stressful as hell. If you’re reading this and happened to be overseeing one of them — you have my utmost respect 🤝

That’s all I’ve got today.