08 November 2022 |

Five states are voting on recreational cannabis today

By Kaitlin Domangue

Missouri, Maryland, Arkansas, North Dakota, and South Dakota are all voting on recreational cannabis. Colorado is also voting on legalizing psilocybin mushrooms! 

If all states pass the bill, 24 states will have recreational cannabis – almost half of the country. It’s mind-blowing to think Colorado and Washington legalized recreational cannabis ten years ago, and now, we’re voting to have it in half of the nation. 

Some states are likely to say yes, one is predicted to say no, and some aren’t sure

Now. The bills actually have to *pass* for this number to be valid. 

Arkansas – unsurprisingly – has the worst odds out of all five states to legalize cannabis at the recreational level. 

One prediction shows a 35.71% chance of Arkansas’ initiative passing, compared to an implied probability of 83% in Maryland. Some of Arkansas’s Democratic voters feel the bill isn’t inclusive enough, while some Republicans simply don’t want legal cannabis.

South Dakota is voting for legal cannabis for the second timein two years. You might remember the historic vote in 2020 when South Dakota voters legalized recreational and medical cannabis simultaneously: becoming the first U.S. state ever to do this. 

But, Gov. Kristi Noem filed a lawsuit for the recreational bill to be overturned on a technicality, and South Dakota did not legalize adult-use cannabis. The state’s first medical dispensary opened in July. 

As of now, predictions show South Dakota going either way. One survey found 47% of South Dakotans to be against the bill and 45% in favor of the bill, with 8% undecided. 

In Missouri, voters are torn almost down the middle, with some polls showing a 60% probability of passing. 

Like Arkansas, some Missouri Republicans don’t want the bill to pass and are calling this bill a plan of the radical left (see my picture below of me posing at the pollz). Some Democrats feel the bill doesn’t feature enough inclusive language. 

A yes vote for even a few of these states means serious cash money for the U.S economy. Maryland’s retail sales are predicted to approach $1 billion soon after launch if the bill passes. 

ALSO – if you haven’t voted – be like 2016 Hillary and Pokemon GO TO THE POLLS!!! 

The Czech Republic wants to coordinate cannabis legalization with Germany

There’s a THEME today, and I didn’t even intend for it. The theme is legalization and changing the current legislation surrounding cannabis.

Germany recently announced their plans to legalize recreational cannabis – making them one of the first European countries to do so. 

Germany’s legalization plans 

If the plans come to fruition, Germany will roll out a regulated program, and adults can purchase and possess between 20 and 30 grams of cannabis. 

One report predicted legalizing cannabis in Germany would bring approximately USD 4.7 billion in annual tax revenue and cost savings. It would also create nearly 30,000 new jobs. 

Germany legalized medical cannabis in 2017, and over 120,000 people have medical cannabis cards. Insurance companies also cover medical cannabis costs in Germany, reimbursing roughly 60% of medical cannabis prescriptions in 2019. 

Now The Czech Republic plans to join them and present a draft bill regulating cannabis in March 2023. Full legalization could be in The Czech Republic by January 2024. 

There’s no guarantee what the bill will look like, but since the goal is to harmonize with Germany: I assume the two countries will have similar laws!

Federal activity afoot amidst state cannabis voting

House lawmakers will have a hearing next week discussing bipartisan cannabis reform at the federal and state level.

There will be a congressional meeting on November 15th called “Developments in State Cannabis Laws and Bipartisan Cannabis Reforms at the Federal Level.” 

So far, there are few words about what exactly will be discussed – beyond the basic idea of cannabis legalization in the U.S. 

The results of today’s election will likely give lawmakers more to discuss at this meeting next week.