01 November 2022 |

OnlyFans CEO Is on a Mission to Set the Record Straight


If you went up to a friend and said you started an OnlyFans account, you know their first thought

But if you think OnlyFans is just a porn hub, get your mind out of the damn gutter and think again.

OnlyFans is a social media platform that lets creators monetize their content and have a safe space to express themselves. Period

The platform is home to over 2 million creators across 100 countries and over 220 million “fans” or users paying out to creators globally. 

With new CEO Amrapali (Ami) Gan at the helm, prioritizing online safety above all else, the inclusive creator platform has a new set of goals.

The former Chief Marketing Officer of OnlyFans, Ami, became the CEO in December 2021 when the company’s founder, Tim Stokely, stepped down. 

At 36 years old, Ami Gan already has three degrees and an impressive resume when taking controversial products to market successfully. I see you, girl. Get those plaques up on the wall.

As the CEO of OnlyFans, Ami wants to set the record straight on what the platform is and isn’t.

Ami and OnlyFans CFO Lee Taylor shared those goals on the Money 20/20 stage in Las Vegas in October. 

What’s this have to do with fintech, and why was OnlyFans speaking on the Money 20/20 stage? 

Let’s get into it. 

OnlyFans is a technology platform with a vast payment network behind it. 

It has to be to deliver payments to millions of creators globally. 

Global payments are no small feat, given that the transaction process needs to be just as smooth when a fan pays a creator in USD to USD or if it needs to convert to another currency. 

OnlyFans is always looking for ways to help creators monetize their content and grow their careers. That’s why Ami and Lee came to Money 2020 – to meet with other companies and discuss how they can work together to support global creators.

OnlyFans even appeared during Money 20/20 Europe, hosted in June in Amsterdam. 

Since then, the company has ramped up its conversations with banking and payment providers, leading OnlyFans to open its first direct clearing account in the UK, which the company never had before. 

Just months after appearing at Money 20/20 Europe, OnlyFans reached a new milestone.

OnlyFans has paid out $10 billion in creator earnings since being founded in 2016.

And according to Ami, the business hasn’t slowed down since the platforms rose to popularity during the pandemic.

Covid or not, creators gotta create, baby.

OnlyFans operates with a simple business model: the creator takes 80%, and OnlyFans get 20%

We don’t have ads or algorithms. We’re not selling anyone’s data. It’s about the creator being able to monetize their content to their community and nothing else,” Gan shared in an interview with GQ. 

And according to CFO Taylor, for every $1 OnlyFans makes, the creator is earning $4. 

Now his focus is setting the business up so it can scale without any limitation regarding who can join the payment network. 

“To be a truly international social media platform payment network, however you want to label it,” Taylor said, “it has to be as smooth to go USD to USD as it is to go USD to UK.” 

And the system needs to be designed with the user experience in mind. For example, creators need to instantly see their earnings and immediately withdraw after the seven-day window set up. 

It’s a big project, especially when maintaining safety while scaling can be difficult for any tech company

But OnlyFans isn’t stopping there. 

The company is also working on new features to help creators better monetize their content. 

For example, OnlyFans is testing out a new “tip” feature that would let fans directly send creators money outside of the normal subscription model. 

This would be a great way for fans to show their support for their favorite creators, and it would give creators another stream of revenue. 

Secret Sauce 

Though explicit content is, of course, welcome on the site, the 18+ creator platform houses all manner of creators, including: 

  • Adult creators 
  • Supermodels 
  • Music artists (like Cardi B) 
  • Sports professionals 

And everything else in between, you can imagine.

However, Ami says, “safety is ultimately the foundation of our entire business.”

She fully understands that the platform houses and their creators need to feel completely protected and supported, given the range of content.

Here is how Ami is putting safety first.

1. Robust Controls and Moderation 

A wild 60%+ people who apply to create on OnlyFans are rejected because the company requires so much identification information and has strict security guidelines.

OnlyFans has a robust creator verification process that includes a KYC (Know Your Customer) check and biometric scan. This helps ensure that people are who they are and that the platform is safe.

2. Human Review 

Despite the tech available to automate specific security processes, every single thing on the popular social media platform is ultimately reviewed by a *real human being* aka their content moderation team.

Sigh of relief for all the creators out there cause Ami has security on LOCK.

3. Safety and Transparency Center 

To further elevate protecting creators as a priority, Ami launched the safety and transparency center in 2022, doubling down on her message that safety comes first, second, and last.

OnlyFans has a ZERO-tolerance policy for harassment and bullying, and the platform has made it easy for creators to block and report anyone causing trouble or making them feel unsafe.

4. Subscription-based with zero anonymity

Because the platform is a subscription model, all content is protected behind a paywall. And there is zero anonymity on the forum.

“We know who everyone is,” Ami says. 

As you can see, to call OnlyFans just a place where girls post nudes would be a gross miscategorization of this online haven for creators of all kinds.

OnlyFans is a safe place for users to engage with each other, free from bullying and negativity

This is a big selling point for the platform, as users have shared how much abuse and hate they receive from other platforms.

*Cough, cough, Twitter*

It’s no surprise that OnlyFans has been so successful. It was created when people just started to realize the potential of monetizing their online presence. And as the creator economy has grown, OnlyFans has continued to grow.

The platform provides a unique opportunity for creators to connect with their fans and build a natural, sustainable business

And with the recent addition of new features, like tipping and paid messaging, OnlyFans is poised to continue its growth trajectory.

Fun Fact: When Beyoncé name-dropped OnlyFans on the “Savage” remix with Megan Thee Stallion in 2020, the adult site saw a 15% spike in traffic.

That’s power, baby.