23 October 2022 |

Five powerhouse cannabis professionals on LinkedIn​

By Kaitlin Domangue

1. Brett Puffenbarger 

Brett is the Vice President of Marketing at Green Check Verified and runs Good Highdeas, a cannabis advisory firm, with his wife, Jodi. 

Brett has his finger on the pulse of this industry in a way that most people do not. 

He also calls out the BS of large corporate cannabis companies but acknowledges the need for traditional and legacy minds in this industry. 

You’ll always learn something from Brett’s posts. He’s talking about things people are too afraid to talk about OR they don’t know how to state their opinion effectively as Brett does.

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2. Jocelyn Sheltraw

Jocelyn is one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever come across in cannabis, and she’s always making a presence at industry events across the country. 

Jocelyn is the Head of Industry Relations at Headset, a cannabis data analytics company that is a crucial partof nearly every cannabis marketer and operator’s toolkit. 

She’s always sharing key insights about the cannabis market that operators need to know, like state-by-state data, learnings from events she’s speaking at or attending, data by product category, and more.

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3. Jessica F. Gonzalez

This chick is smart, y’all. Plain and simple. 

Jessica is an attorney and talks passionately about building a socially equitable cannabis industry and cannabis policy. 

She’s been in the cannabis space since 2019 but has been practicing as an attorney for longer. Jessica worked as an intellectual property attorney in the entertainment industry when her home state of New Jersey legalized cannabis.

The rest is history. 

Jessica has been named one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in Cannabis by High Times, a 40 Under 40 Marijuana Venture Rising Star, and so much more. 

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4. Brian Geddes

A colleague in the industry compared my perspective in the industry to Brian’s, which is a huge compliment to me! 

Brian is the VP of Sales at Jane Technologies – aka one of the best companies ever & a sponsor of my St. Louis event. I may or may not be wearing a Jane hat as I write this, too (I am).

But Brian’s posts go beyond discussing cannabis tech and touch on every facet of the cannabis industry, like retail trends, consumer preferences, policy, and more.

Like me, Brian intertwines his personal experiences with cannabis – and consuming cannabis as a parent of young children just like I do.

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5. Annie Davis 

Annie is the nicest person in the world AND incredibly smart about cannabis marketing and brand building.

I met Annie when I did some freelance work for her during her time at Flow Kana, but now Annie is focusing all of her time on her consulting company – Growing Impact. 

She is especially passionate about building an environmentally sustainable and equitable cannabis industry. You’ll see that in her posts. She’s also a cannamom like me! 

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