10 August 2022 |

Pager Turner – 8/9/22


Why Founders Need to Develop a Coaching Habit


“If this were a haiku rather than a book, it would read: Tell less and ask more. Your advice is not as good As you think it is.”

– Michael Stanier

Most conversations between a manager and employee focus on solving problems as quickly as possible.

Taking this approach might seem like the best decision in the moment because it allows projects to continue moving forward without delay. (You might even feel like you are doing your team a favor by taking work off their plate.)

But you are actually holding your team back by taking this approach.

Creating a coaching culture means investing time to focus more on the PERSON and less on the PROBLEM.

Creating a coaching culture works similarly to a flywheel. It’s difficult and time-consuming at first, but eventually, you start seeing your business moving forward with less of your effort. 

As your team begins taking an initiative and feels empowered to make critical decisions on their own, you will be able to step away and work on the business instead of in the business.

BUT this requires you take the time to consistently develop your people and help them become problem solvers.

Developing your people is critical in creating leadership bench strength within your organization, keeping people engaged in their work, and maintaining your top performers.

The Takeaway

Make time for their priorities.

Creating time for consistent 1:1s with your team will allow you to understand better how the decisions you make impact your people.

This habit requires you to being willing to listen deeply and understand why your team acts and feels the way they do, especially when there is conflict.

It also means staying out of “Fix It” mode. 

The best way to start a 1:1 with your team is by simply asking, “What’s on your mind?”

This will allow them to tell you about the things getting them excited or concerning them.

  • Be Curious
  • Ask Follow-Up Questions
  • Avoid Making Assumptions