02 May 2022 |

SCOOP: HyperGuap Announces Launch of VC Fund


After deploying $21M into 9 companies in year one, HyperGuap is launching a $10M+ VC fund to invest in companies focused on solving society’s biggest problems. 

  • HyperGuap will leverage the HyperChange YouTube channel (160K) subscribers to promote their portfolio companies and share in depth access to the founder’s journeys
  • The fund will be focused on FrontierTech, including funding ventures in Climate Change, Healthcare, Education, and more.

The Founder of HyperChange and HyperGuap, Gali Russell, was an early supporter of Tesla and helped retail investors understand the company through working closely with Tesla’s IR department. 

Gali has formed a strong relationship with Elon Musk, participating in Tesla’s earnings calls as well as appearing on Bloomberg, Fox, CNBC, and quoted in the WSJ

  • Gali has personally written angel checks to SpaceX, Pipe, Rainbow, and many others
  • HyperGuap already has $3.5M committed to the fund including members of the HyperChange community 

Gali Russell, said “This is the investment fund I always wanted to create. Betting on founders building industry changing companies in a diversified way, with the YouTube channel to help tell their stories.” 

How to Invest in HyperGuap Atlantis: