28 April 2022 |

How to add creators to your omni-channel marketing strategy

By Adam Ryan

We all know we need an omni-channel marketing strategy. Our customers, just like us, are active in many different channels every single day. 

But actually putting an omni-channel strategy into place? It can be hard.

It’s not enough to simply exist

These days, it’s not enough for a brand to simply exist on Facebook, TikTok, newsletters, and beyond. In order to optimize your marketing budget, you need to effectively capture attention on the channels you’re in — and that means you need lots of unique creative. 

You can’t slap a podcast ad read from YouTube into a TikTok and expect viewers to sit and watch. And even if you do nail a TikTok ad, you can’t run it forever. 

You need to A/B test, evolve, and innovate your marketing all the time.

One team can’t do it all

Unfortunately, most marketing teams — whether they’re at a startup or an enterprise — can’t keep up.

Most of us are lucky to have access to a freelance video editor for a few hours a week, let alone have the resources and bandwidth to develop and test unique creative for every channel regularly. 

This means most omni-channel campaigns get stale — fast. And that? That means we’re throwing marketing dollars down the drain.

So, how can you actually implement an effective omni-channel strategy?

Creators enable many channels

What if you could build a gigantic marketing team filled with channel-specific experts? 

If you tap into the power of creators, you can. 

Want a TikTok ad that converts? Don’t build a TikTok channel from scratch, develop a marketing campaign with a TikTok creator who already has an audience.

Want to send a personal email to an engaged subset of your target audience? Don’t send a bunch of cold emails, book ads with a newsletter creator in your industry.

The most successful creators build personal relationships with their audiences. They treat their audience like humans (because, well, they are humans) and their audience trusts their preferences and suggestions. By running marketing campaigns with creators, you’ll not only be able to effectively capture attention in their channel(s) of choice — you’ll be able to build brand affinity with your target audience.

Here’s the catch: It can take a lot of time to identify the right creators for your audience. 

So, how do you scale creator-driven marketing?

Many creators enables omni-channel

There’s one easy way to find the right creators and quickly launch campaigns: the all-in-one creator marketing platform, #paid

It’s used by everyone from UberEats and H&M to Misen and Lucy. Here’s how it works: 

Fill out one creative brief, then get matched with pre-qualified creators who fit your target market. They’ll pitch campaign concepts to you, then you’ll be able to preview creative, give feedback and approvals, and schedule flights. 

After ads run, you’ll get high-level overviews of each campaign that will help you quickly identify the winners and optimize your creative. 

Plus, you can build ad sets with your creators’ social handles and send it right to your Facebook Ad Manager, AKA you can easily repurpose everything.

And even though #paid helps you go omni-channel, it keeps all your creator communications in one channel — stay in touch, get updates, and process payments all in one place.

Want to try it out? Get a #paid campaign launched in as little as 10 minutes.