03 February 2022 |

2/3/2022: Recent Rounds


Doing Things Media

What They Do: Media company that owns many top instagram accounts like @shitheadsteve, @fourtwenty, @doggosdoingthings

Why They Are Special: Multiple meme accounts with millions of followers  and incredibly strong brand affiliation – what monetary value can you put on that in 22

Amount Raised: $21.5M Series A

Lead Investors: Volition Capital 

Why It Matters: Memes making mad money is becoming the norm.

Increasingly, media companies — especially those with big social followings — are seeing big investments and acquisitions. Example: Warner Media Group for $85M bought IMGN Media, a company that owns and operates various social media accounts like @Daquan. 

Why? Massive, loyal, and trusting audiences – exactly what advertisers want.

Doing Things Media is one to watch. They have a killer audience AND they’re profitable — they did around ~$10M in revenue via ad dollars and e-commerce last year.

Expect to see more and more social media accounts sold for lots of cash over the next few years.

Learn More: Press Release & Company Website


What They Do: Platform for businesses to buy, sell, and manage SaaS products and sellers to acquire new customers

Why They Are Special: Dual income generating model that benefits both buyers and sellers. Ability to secure significantly discounted SaaS subscriptions for the platform.

Amount Raised: $3M seed round

Lead Investors: AltaIR Capital

Notable Investors: Moving Capital (Uber alumni)

Why It Matters: 

NachoNacho is doing something unique with a two-person team and some interns. Now, they’ll have the resources to hit the gas.

There is currently no offering in the marketplace that allows users to manage their SaaS subscriptions while also offering such lucrative benefits for both buyers and sellers. According to NachoNacho, businesses on the platform:

  • Save ~25% on existing SaaS memberships
  • Can buy new subscriptions for ~30% cheaper than industry standard. 

On the flip side, SaaS vendors can use NachoNacho to acquire new users at much lower CACs.

Plus, the opportunity is massive. The SaaS subscription industry grew from $87B in 2016 to $157B in 2020 — and it’s expected to add another $100B between 2021 and 2025. 

Learn More: Press Release & Company Website

Captain Experience

What They Do: Scheduling platform for outdoor activities

Why They Are Special: Revolutionized fishing trip scheduling experience by launching a scheduling service in over 277 cities with hundreds of verified guides and thousands of completed trips.

Amount Raised: $2M seed round

Lead Investors: Looking Glass Capital

Notable Investors: Not Boring Capital, Andrew Chen, and Goodwater Capital

Why It Matters: 

Americans spend $887B+ on outdoor activities, and COVID has driven people out in droves — but most of the industries surrounding these activities are archaic. 

Captain Experience has already revolutionized the fishing trip industry. Now, they’re gearing up to tackle other activities — and, hopefully, their website. 😬 

While they have competition in the form of giants like Airbnb (Airbnb Experiences) and Marriott (Marriott Bonvoy) who are aggressively looking to break into the activities categories, I think they’ll see great success if they stay focused on grassroots, niche activities.

Learn More: Press Release & Company Website


What They Do: Platform that empowers employees to track work, life, and wellness in one place

Why They Are Special: Wide open competitive landscape and phenomenal management

Amount Raised: $1M pre-seed

Lead Investors: Acadian Ventures

Why It Matters: 

According to Forbes, 52% of the US workforce feels burnt out — up from 43% pre-pandemic. 

SpotLyfe founder and CEO, Josh Schwede, believes he’s got a fix, and he has quite a track record:

  • VP @ HireVue, 5th employee at the Sequoia Capital backed company
  • SVP @  The Marcus Buckingham Company, acquired by ADP
  • EVP @ Que Social, acquired by ADP
  • Advisor/board member of several startups including: Gajo, Artist, Bongo, and more

Stay tuned for Spring 2022 when the Beta launches. I am pulling for Josh and SpotLyfe!

Learn More: Press Release & Company Website

Kyoto Fusioneering

What They Do: Fusion energy startup

Why They Are Special: Phenomenal leadership team and proprietary technology exemplified by government contracts awarded to KF by the UK

Amount Raised: $11.7M funding round

Lead Investors: Coral Capital

Why It Matters: 

Nuclear fusion could be the solution to climate change — and Kyoto Fusioneering is trying to bring that solution to life. 

Quick note, since you’re probably not a scientist: Nuclear fusion is the process that the sun and stars create energy. If we can replicate this process safely on earth, we could create all the energy we need with zero carbon emissions.

This investment first step for KF in competing with ITER, a $22B international nuclear fusion research and engineering megaproject supported by the US, Russia, Japan, China, the EU, and others.

How could a Kyoto Fusioneering succeed with such a massive ITER project in play? Well, many countries are looking to launch their own programs outside of ITER, and KF may be just such a solution from the UK.

Learn More: Press Release & Company Website