20 January 2022 |

Americans are Financially Freaked the *F* Out



Americans are Financially Freaked the *F* Out 

Survey results are in and Americans are more afraid of their finances than illness. 

Personal finance software Quicken found that most Americans (71%) are more afraid of inflation (which is at 7% and a record high in four decades) than they are of new COVID-19 variants. Not only freaked out by inflation but:

  • 52% agree that there will be a stock market crash in the next five years.
  • 58% of those people think it will impact their finances negatively.

Let that sink in. 

Why it Matters

VC money is pouring into fintech more than any business sector on the planet.

Operators should use that opportunity to ensure that the benefits of their business growth trickle down to the end consumer. Even if you’re B2B, this impacts you — we’re all consumers. 

🌶 If more money went into the hands of female-founded fintechsmaybe there would be more product offerings and educational tools that are able to properly cater to an increasingly diverse user base. 

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