05 January 2022 |

Perpetual is coming back strong in 2022 🤝

By Adam Ryan

Hey Perpetual subscribers, both the OGs and the 902 new media operators who have joined since the last newsletter went out in December. Hope everyone had a happy and healthy holiday season!

First things first, I’m sorry I’ve left y’all hanging — my wife and I welcomed our first baby over the holidays, so I’ve stepped away from my laptop for a while. 

Second things second, Perpetual is coming back strong in 2022 🤝

You’ll see deep dives from amazing guest contributors over the next few weeks as I get back in the swing of things in the office. 

First up? Tyler Denk is writing next week’s newsletter. Tyler is the Co-Founder & CEO of beehiiv, a newsletter platform to help creators create, monetize, and grow their audiences. Previously, he was the 2nd employee at Morning Brew in a role that spanned engineering, product, and growth. Tyler was responsible for building their renowned subscriber referral program and its bespoke tech ecosystem that enabled the company to scale to a successful $75M exit in 2020. 

I’ll also be launching a few new things over the next few months. Stay tuned for a…

  • Podcast mini-series, 
  • Course for media operators, and an 
  • IRL meetup for media executives and operators where we can talk confidentially about some of the challenges we’re all facing and how to tackle them (apply here to join).

Thanks so much for being here, I’m so pumped to connect with y’all this year.