28 December 2021 |

Making waves in 2021 🌊



Making waves in 2021 πŸŒŠ

For those out there who *do not* have their automatic email reply on, I’ve curated some lite content for you.

Considering there are now 1,760+ subscribers (a lot of you brand new) it might be helpful to get a taste of what I’ve been serving up because it’s only going to get spicier in 2022 πŸŒΆ

Here are the top 10 WTFintech? newsletters in reverse order.

I hope you enjoy βš‘ πŸ’›

#10: Alts, alts baby 

In this issue: 

  • To Bitcoin ETF or not with Mr. Wonderful 
  • Yieldstreet bets on physical art investing
  • Apple takes and it takes and it takes
  • Women in fintech are here 

Full breakdown available via edition 2.  

#9: Finfluencers are fintechs

In this issue: 

  • Study ranks fintech’s top influencers (by the company)
  • Meet compliance tech superstar ComplySci 
  • Party Round uses its own services to raise $7M
  • Comcast’s $10M commitment to BIPOC

Full breakdown available via edition 3.  

#8: Black-owned fintech makes history

In this issue: 

  • SoLo funds became the only black-owned fintech to acquire a B Corp 
  • Public’s COO shares results since stopping payment for order flow
  • Meet MeFi: A self-custody DeFi neobank 

Full breakdown available via edition 6

#7: Euro Trip

In this issue: 

  • TripActions says hello to Europe 
  • Caitlin Cook explains crypto volatility in 6 mins and 28 secs
  • Meet Majority: Neobank for U.S. migrants

Full breakdown available via edition 7

#6: Look, Ma: I’m an NFT

In this issue:

  • Stocktwits gets ready to take on the world
  • CFPB ready to probe BNPL
  • MoneyLion + Even Financial 

Full breakdown available via edition 10

#5: Crypto changes culture 

In this issue:

  • How crypto changes the fintech landscape
  • Fintechs designed to pay it forward
  • Women in Tech events

Full breakdown available via edition 4

#4: Want to build a new system?

In this issue:

  • Anthemis raises $700M for diverse startups
  • Gwyneth Paltrow and web3
  • Fintech influencers make more $$ than finance bros

Full breakdown available via edition 11

#3: Women VC control the energy

In this issue:

  • Women-led VC share what’s hot for 2022 investments in fintech 
  • ComplySci acquires RIA in a Box
  • Meet Reconcile: Tax software for retail investors

Full breakdown available via edition 8

#2: Empire State of Crypto

In this issue:

  • New York’s status as the financial center of the world is at stake (With commentary from Lule Demmissie, Michael Moro, & Andrew Rasiej).
  • Black advisers change the complexion of wealth

Full breakdown available via edition 9

#1: Fintech’s gender diversity problem

In this issue: 

  • Breaking down fintech’s systemic diversity issue (+ action items)
  • Robo-advisers & NFTs
  • Twitter’s CEO joins the Great Resignation

Full breakdown available via edition 5


Episode 3 πŸ”₯

Excited to drop the next episode of the WTFintech? podcast with none other than Miguel Fernandez, co-founder, and CEO of Capchase

β†’ In this episode, we dive deeper into Miguel’s values and how Capchase is breaking the creative bankruptcy that has existed in the world of B2B. 

I also launched the podcast series with two different powerhouses in fintech: Lule Demmissie, CEO of eToro U.S., and Sarah Levy, CEO of Betterment

If you’d like inspirational and educational content to fill your ears while you relax during your break:

Listen to Lule’s episode here

Listen to Sarah’s episode here

Miguel’s episode will drop here on Wednesday. 

Watch episodes on YouTube here



  • Startup accelerator sues Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong 
  • iCapital Network closed on a $50 million funding round
  • Why Bitwise’s CIO thinks regulation is good for crypto 
  • Indian neobank Jupiter raises $86 million to launch lending & wealth mgmt
  • Dapper Dinos NFT partners with Girls Who Code