04 December 2021 |

Jack Dorsey exits Twitter

By Trung Phan

A round-up of the best memes and tweets related to @Jack leaving Twitter and going all in on Square/Block.

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Today, we’re talking about the Jack Dorsey.

PS. Check out the Not Investment Advice (NIA) podcast for a business breakdown of where Twitter and Square/Block go from here (YouTube, Apple, Spotify).

What a wild week.

On Monday, Jack Dorsey — aka The Bearded One — stepped down as Twitter CEO, tweeting out his resignation letter. Dorsey seemed to tip the announcement with this tweet on Saturday around midnight.

Twitter’s CTO Parag Agrawal — a 10-year vet who started at Twitter as an engineer — is now CEO. Agrawal is the latest Indian to take over a major US tech firm.

Which led to this zinger:

Meanwhile, Jack — who has long taken flak for being a part-time Twitter CEO — quickly went to work at the other firm he’s a CEO of: Square, which was renamed to Block on Wednesday.

Block will house Square (merchant services), Cash App (consumer finance), SpiralBTC (platform for Bitcoin open-source projects), Tidal (music streaming) and TBD54566975 (I actually have no idea what this one is).

The name is obviously a nod to Jack’s blockchain and crypto ambitions. Speaking to how much of a part-time Twitter CEO he was, Jack couldn’t even get the @block handle for his new company Block.

There is literally a random account with 148 followers and a profile pic of a squat rack that owns the handle (@block) for Jack’s ~$90B fintech company.

But the only thing people really cared about was Block’s team page, which is out of control (that Minecraft energy is on fleek):

Elon chimed in with a very very dark joke (key word here being “joke”: Dorsey and Musk are friendly while Agrawal is one of Dorsey’s closet confidants at Twitter).

The meme was originally created by @grandoldmemes and is a riff on a famous photo of Stalin.

TLDR: Stalin purged thousands of his own officers and routinely airbrushed people out of photos as part of his effort to rewrite history (yes, dark AF).

Before we get to a bunch of less dark memes, here are Jack Dorsey fun facts:

  • His daily routine: Per New York Post, “He’s been said to breakfast on water, salt and lemon and to spend some 75 minutes each day walking from his home to his office. But he reportedly prefers working at home under infrared light, which is supposed to relieve stress. He’s claimed to eat just one meal per day and fast on the weekends.”

  • During one dinner with Zuck Daddy Flex, the Facebook founder killed a goat with a stun gun and knife before serving it to Jack: “We go in the dining room. He puts the goat down. It was cold. That was memorable. I don’t know if it went back in the oven. I just ate my salad.”

  • He really likes Bitcoin: The only thing in his Twitter bio is #Bitcoin and — when asked how much of it he has — Jack replied “enough” (translation: dude rich).

  • He really hates fiat. When the US government sent a round of $600 stimulus checks last December, Jack was not impressed. As a Bitcoin advocate, he clearly holds a critical view of the Fed’s money-printing practices.

  • Wide-ranging interests: Befitting someone who co-founded a payments firm and a social network, Dorsey has tried his hands a few things (1k+ hours of massage therapy training, fashion designed jeans, botanical illustrator, punk rocker).

  • He doesn’t use a laptop or computer. Dorsey runs his entire life on an iPhone and the Notes app: “I spend most of my day in iOS Notes app. I use it to think through stuff, draft, remind, record, and doodle. I also have a note for every person I meet regularly where I queue up things I want to talk about. And a note per city for everything I discover (and want to return to).”

  • In April 2020, he donated $1B in Square stock— which was 28% of his wealth at the time — for COVID relief and economic empowerment. Gloriously, he runs the entire thing out of a single Google Sheet that anyone can track real-time. With the rise in Square’s stock, the total pie is currently worth $3.3B (and he’s distributed $400m+). ANYONE can track it … including me, which led to this exchange in August:

Finally, Jack’s mom once commented she is “not a fan” of his beard:

I have a slightly different take than Mrs. Dorsey:

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BONUS: Here’s a funny “caption this” photo of Dorsey with Snap CEO Evan Spiegel during June’s Miami Bitcoin Conference.