28 November 2021 |

Apple's $19 cloth: By the memes

By Trung Phan

The funniest memes and tweets about Apple’s literal piece of cloth.

When I saw that the good people at Apple dropped a polishing cloth for $19, this was the first meme that came to mind:

There is definitely logic behind the madness:

But still, it’s hilarious.

Imagine being the person that has to earnestly write this ad copy:

The most-liked Twitter chirp was from some random account called @ElonMusk:

Here are some other good ones:


Extra points to iFixit for its fake Apple polishing cloth review:

Under a microscope the premium quality of Apple’s polishing cloth comes to life. On the left, you’ll see a plain old cleaning cloth. Boring. On the right? Miniscule fibers intricately woven together, uniting to become not just a tool for cleaning, but an object of beauty worthy of being cleaned itself. Amidst the beauty, a thin line delicately traces the form of mankind’s foundational fruit: an apple.

Last thing: this pic LOL.

**UPDATE (11/30/2021 @ 7pm PT)

Elon just released a Tesla “Cyber Whistle”, priced at $50. Naturally, he takes a jab at Apple’s $19 cloth.

Here is a handy comparison between the products in case you’re deciding on what to buy for the holidays.

Last note: if you buy both, it’ll cost $69…