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Ari Murray

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Skincare 101

I have 43 photos that pull up when I search Sephora in my camera roll. That feels excessive. Moving right…

Merit Beauty

WEBSITE INSPO There are a few things I really love about Merit’s Five Minute Morning set.  🌹: The name of…


SPLIT-TEST THIS  When’s the last time you sent an email without preview text? 💗 💙 Try it. Split-test your next…

Marketing I’m Loving.

How good is that The North Face ad animation? ^  I am forever inspired by the marketers all around me….

Growth-Approved Creative Templates

I think a lot about ad creative. I save a lot of ad creative. Our team makes a ton of…

WAITLIST Dos and Don’ts

When done well, standing up a well-executed waitlist campaign can create momentum for weeks and months and ever years to…

Things that break my marketing heart

On Valentine’s Day, it would have been too easy for me to write something mushy gushy lovey dovey to you. …

25 Websites I Like

There’s a particular thing I love about each of the 25 websites listed below. These are website examples that I…