Our Series A and Workweek's Professional Network Platform

Workweek has raised its Series A investment round, led by Mike Smerklo from Next Coast Ventures. Existing investors from LightShed Ventures, Declaration Capital, and a series of angel investors participated. The round includes $12.5M in new capital.

Over the past 2.5 years, we've been hard at work creating category-leading B2B newsletters and podcasts with leading industry experts such as Ari Murray, Hebba Youssef, and Blake Madden. Leveraging this momentum and the new capital, we're thrilled to launch a one-of-a-kind professional network platform.

This new platform isn’t just another social network; it's a collection of specialized memberships designed around specific professions—think ecom operators, healthcare strategists, franchisees, and HR execs. It's where the best and brightest can learn, connect, and network without the noise and clutter typical of broader social platforms.

We noticed that professionals were more lonely in the workplace than ever before and there wasn't a dedicated space for business leaders in our industries to truly connect in a way that felt genuine and useful—a place free from spam and fluffy, meaningless chatter. The Workweek Professional Network Platform addresses this problem head on.

Membership to the platform is exclusive to professionals within each field. For example, HR leaders will have their membership, health system leaders theirs, and we’re rolling out more for franchise operators and other sectors soon. This exclusivity helps ensure that interactions are relevant, meaningful, and packed with trustworthy advice.

Looking ahead, we’re not stopping here. The platform will soon include a suite of apps designed to boost productivity and success within each profession. One of the standout tools already being used is a business intelligence app developed by Workweek. It allows members to integrate APIs to benchmark their data, providing crucial insights to stay competitive and well-informed about industry standards.

It’s our mission to help the world have a more productive—and fun—Workweek and this is only a small next step in making that a reality.

About Workweek

Workweek is revolutionizing how business leaders connect, learn, and operate by integrating distinct personalities, deep professional expertise, and a vibrant community into an unparalleled professional networking platform. Today, they support eight professions, have more than 500K newsletter subscribers, and multiple podcasts in the top 25 categories.

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