29 May 2024 |

Why Marketing Works: Zayn Malik’s Mixoloshe

By Daniel Murray

It’s about time someone tried to tackle Logan Paul’s Prime Energy empire. We just didn’t expect that a former One Direction star would be the one to do it.

Aidan reveals how Zayn Malik’s Mixoloshe is determined to reign supreme in the non-alcoholic beverage category… without Zayn Malik. Yep. You heard that right—without utilizing one of its biggest assets.

Is their strategy sane or just batsh*t insane? And how is Mixoloshe managing to market themselves if they aren’t utilizing the famous singer who has over 90 million followers?

Aidan unpacks all the dirty deets and explains whether or not this company is doomed from the start, or destined to redefine how we think about celebrity endorsements.


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