19 April 2022 |

Meet The Biggest Phone Franchise in Bermuda

By The Wolf

Meet Alex Jones, former banker, triathlete, Olympic hopeful, and dad of two. Now franchisee of the biggest phone repair shop in Bermuda.

For 9/10 franchise owners, one unit just isn’t enough to generate the levels of income they’re aiming for. But, very rarely, a site and franchise comes along that performs so well, everything just falls into place. And that’s where Alex Jones’ CPR store comes in.

The Wolf talks with Alex about leaving the world of finance to chase his passion for windsurfing, why you should convert an existing phone repair shop into a franchise, and how to build a transparent culture in your team.

You’ll hear why Alex’s franchise is the best performing location out of 850+ worldwide, why your customers are the best sales people, and why your internal customer service is crucial for success.

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