07 April 2022 |

Vince Wong and Folasade Ayoola, Co-Founders of ElectricFish | Climate Tech | Decarbonization


If you want to decarbonize the world, you need a resilient source of electricity powering everything from the grid to cars. Meet ElectricFish, building solutions for energy storage.

Renewable energy is the future and renewable energy that offers super-fast EV charging, two-way flow to the grid AND can be set up on site in weeks, not months, will become the gold standard. ElectricFish is leading the charge.

Vince Wong and Folasade Ayoola are the Co-Founders with a brief to build distributed energy storage, powered by software. They’ve already deployed their storage tech at a pilot location and hungry for growth.

In the fourth of the Keep Cool Show’s mini-series, offering six startup founders the chance to pitch their climate tech business. Nick and an investor co-host will figure out what drives Vince and Folasade, how the company is tackling climate change, and what sets their business apart from others in the space.

We’ll learn all the applications for ElectricFish’s tech, why distributed energy sources are a critical component of a sustainable future, and understand how DERs can promote societal equity.

Finally, we’ll dig in deep on some of the key challenges that are unique to a hardware business, including how the team is thinking through manufacturing and selling at scale.

With over $40,000 in prizes for their business, there’s a lot at stake. Listen to our fifth founder’s pitch on next week’s episode.

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