29 April 2024 |

SPECIAL SERIES: Webinar Registration Tactics That Work | Bathroom Break #1

By Daniel Murray

In this bite-sized podcast, my marketing bestie, Jay Schwedelson, is talking shop and unleashing his quick and dirty tips on B2B’s hottest topics with me. 

This week, we’re taking on all things webinar, and dispensing the top secrets for increasing your registration rates. 

Learn how, by creating a compelling title, teasing valuable content, and being 100% transparent about the ask you’re making, you can increase registration, retention, and repeat attendance. 

Plus, what’s the #1 thing you can do to boost your attendance rates IMMEDIATELY? 

Hint: It always comes down to networking (sorry, introverts). 


00:00:56 – How to Revamp Your Webinar Promotion for Success

00:02:01 – Leverage Guests for Distribution Success

00:07:22 – Targeting with Titles in Email Marketing

00:10:32 – More Tips for Successful Marketing


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