18 June 2024 |

S9 E9: 130 Units in 60 Months: Inside Soccer Stars’ Booming Franchise Model

By The Wolf

Who can forget being shuffled around to soccer games in the back seat of mom’s minivan, eagerly waiting to find out what post-game snacks awaited you at the end of your little league matchup?

What if there was a franchise that could capture that same magic?

The Wolf talks to Adam Geisler and John Erlandson, the co-founders of Youth Athletes United, which represents brands like Soccer Stars and Amazing Athletes, about the plan behind their youth sports immersion platform. With over 130 locations and 76 owners, they share their unique insights on scaling the business and the potential of selling more franchises.

The Wolf also chats with Kevin and Chelsea Meyer, two owners of the Soccer Stars franchise, about the challenges they faced in converting businesses into successful franchises. What was the importance of hiring a GM? And how has the growth of soccer in the US contributed to the astounding success of Soccer Stars?

Tune in to find out John, Adam, Kevin, and Chelsea’s insights into what just might be the most fun franchise in America to own!

Soccer Stars is one of the nation’s leading youth educational soccer programs in the country. We are a mobile-based franchise focused on teaching the fundamentals of soccer while having fun. Our programs are class and game-based activities focusing on kids starting at 1 and up to 14+ years of age. You can learn more about us at soccerstarsfranchise.com.

00:00:50 – Youth Sports Platform Expands Franchise

00:06:26 – Discovering Soccer Stars Brand Journey

00:10:35 – Balancing Full-Time Jobs with Franchise

00:16:16 – The Power of People in Business

00:18:26 – Hiring a GM for Scaling Success

00:22:32 – Adapting to Franchisee Growth Challenges

00:29:14 – Developing Long-Term Goals for Soccer

00:30:54 – Lionel Messi Joins MLS, World Cup 2026 in America

00:36:10 – Connecting with MLS Franchise Opportunities

00:38:46 – Challenges of Starting a Franchise

00:40:57 – Franchise Challenges: Staffing and Retention

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