30 May 2022 |

S6 EP5: How to Use Your Identity to Build Successful Podcasts

By Ben Bradbury

You’ll never build your audience if you don’t know who you are, but it takes courage to overcome imposter syndrome. Adam Ryan, CEO of Workweek, has gone through the process and has created the playbooks that lead to consistent productivity.

Ben goes deep with Adam on how to create for depth. You’ll hear why it’s vital to combine your personal beliefs with data, why you should write for your past self, and why listening is the key to personal growth.

You’ll also hear why being a little fish in a big pond is a great learning curve, how being an outsider is an advantage, and why Adam would rather someone listen to 10 episodes of his podcast than read 10 editions of his newsletter.

If you’re a podcaster or want to get started in audio, this is the episode that’s going to give you the courage to believe in your product.

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