07 June 2022 |

S2 EP5: How to Lean Into Culture And Plot Media Trends, With Dan Runcie of Trapital

By Adam Ryan

How do you strategize for a musical genre? You embrace the culture that surrounds it. Dan Runcie is a founder at the intersection of music and business.

Hip-hop is way more than just the music, it’s business, culture, and the artists themselves. Dan is one-step ahead of the moves with Trapital, assessing the deals, companies, and artists that shape the culture and delivering the latest trends to venture capitalists, music execs and media moguls.

Adam and Dan get into the weeds of the advantages of targeting niche markets, how to build a business around algorithms, and the thorny issue of subscription models.

You’ll also hear how Trapital’s free weekly newsletter has helped more than 15,000 readers get ahead of the hip-hop curve.

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