05 July 2022 |

S2 E3: The Mathnasium Franchise: How One Couple Went All In

By The Wolf

The Speers are natural entrepreneurs. From owning an auto-motive business to homeschooling, this power couple knows the value of franchising a great education product.

After watching one of their daughters struggle to get to grips with mathematics, James and Jennifer Speer sought help with the Mathnasium teaching method. Impressed with the product, they created the first Mathnasium Learning Center franchise in 2011. And they haven’t looked back.

The Wolf gets into conversation with Jennifer and James, talking about how they’ve expanded to 10 locations around Texas, why you should burn your ships and go all in, and why buying is easier when you get your first location right.

You’ll also hear why you should get to know your business inside and out and how that makes buying easier than building.

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