31 January 2024 |

Keeping It Weird with SXSW Co-President & CPO Hugh Forrest

By Adam Ryan

SXSW is quintessential Austin. So how did this main staple of Austin culture grow to its astounding 36 years of festival success since its initial conception in 1987? 

Join Adam Ryan as he interviews Hugh Forrest, Co-President & Chief Programming Officer at SXSW, to learn how the organization thinks about creating lasting, impactful cultural moments and what aspects of the festival have had to evolve with the rise of social media. How does SXSW generate one-of-a-kind viral moments while still adhering to its unique brand of authenticity? 

Hugh discusses the impact of technology startups at SXSW and reveals his predictions for the future of the media industry. 

Don’t miss out on this insightful conversation about one of the most influential events in the world.


00:00:01 – Interview with Hugh on the Show

00:00:15 – The Evolution of South by Southwest

00:05:57 – Preparing for Unexpected Moments at SXSW

00:11:35 – Creating Authenticity in a Big Event

00:21:37 – South by Southwest Returns in 2024

00:25:02 – The Evolution of South by Southwest

00:29:00 – The Future of South by Southwest and the Media Industry


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