27 April 2022 |

Humans of Fintech – Season 2


How did you find your way into Fintech? I bet it wasn’t a conventional path. Every single leader I interviewed last season fell into this industry because, one way or another, they didn’t fit traditional finance or tech norms. Every one had a unique story.

I’m Nicole Casperson, and on this season of Humans of Fintech we’re bringing you stories of diverse leaders who were once outsiders, and how they since found belonging in our industry.

If you’ve ever felt on the outside of fintech, you’re no t alone. I want you to hear the human side of fintech: the no-holds-barred truth of what it’s like to find belonging in a space when you don’t feel like you fit in.

The leaders I speak to took the path less traveled, and they embody what fintech is supposed to be: An alternative version of finance, powered by a new model that gives equal access to everyone.

You’ll hear from leaders at companies like Nasdaq, Facet Wealth, and eToro on how they broke down barriers, learn about the people who helped them find belonging, and break down the step s they took to go from outsider to insider.

If you’ve ever felt isolated, or that your perspe ctive just hasn’t been heard before, Humans of Fintech is here to change that.

The journey starts on Wednesday May 4th, with new episodes every Wednesday after that. Make sure to subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.