28 February 2022 |

EP1: Reporting The Black Innovation Economy With Sherrell Dorsey, The Plug

By Adam Ryan

She’s an author, CEO and Founder, and she’s crazy gifted at storytelling. She’s Sherrell Dorsey, the talent behind The Plug, a digital news platform reporting on the Black innovation economy.

Media companies are built on storytelling, yet very often there’s a disconnect and brands get it horribly wrong. But not Sherrell. This is her superpower and one she’s monetized through her subscription-only digital news and insights platform.

Adam gets into the weeds of why lazy reporting on black founders created an opening for Sherrell’s empire, why helping readers connect to stories beyond the usual cast of characters matters, and how quality journalism is at the heart of The Plug’s product.

You’ll hear Sherrell’s pricing strategy for her unique database of subscribers and her expert opinion on the future of the media landscape. This is one media podcast you won’t want to miss.

Media Moves is sponsored by Sailthru who, like The Plug, are building an audience-first platform giving media executives more time to build meaningful relationships with the right people. Learn more here: https://www.sailthru.com/

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