17 December 2021 |



On this episode of Just Raised, Joe Sweeny interviews Adam Ryan and Becca Sherman, Cofounders of Workweek, a new media company focused on creators.

We also announce that Workweek has acquired the Just Raised podcast!

To celebrate, Just Raised joining Workweek, we’re giving away $100,000 to an early stage startup founder.

  • $10k in Cash
  • $50k investment from Workweek
  • $40k in ad and job board credits

But most importantly, connections. We’re introducing the winner to mentors and VCs, including: Packy McCormick at Not Boring, Alex Lieberman Cofounder of Morning Brew, Mario Gabrielle at the Generalist, and Nick Sharma of Sharma Brands. Plus many more.

To apply check out this link:https://bit.ly/justraisedgiveaway

You can follow Workweek on Twitter @workweekinc

To stay up-to-date on all things Just Raised, visit https://workweek.com/brand/just-raised/ or follow Joe Sweeny on Twitter @JoeySweeny