15 February 2022 |

Eleanor Haglund, Founder & CEO of Allianse: How to Take Feedback Like a Pro

By Ben Bradbury

Eleanor Haglund knows how to take feedback. Positive, negative and everything in between, when you stop talking and start listening, you get better and better.

And it’s never too early to open the feedback loop. Whether you’re pitching to the boss, or working out a problem, let your team shine by talking less and listening more.

Drawing on her experiences in Montessori education, Eleanor has worked with many startups, raised funds and won several competitions building her companies. Now she’s Founder and CEO of Allianse, the platform for connecting startup CEOs and investors.

Learn the secrets of pitching like a professional and how to build a team that optimizes your business.

Ben and Eleanor talk about why feedback is crucial for success and how theater and cooking have influenced her personal and professional life.

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