09 February 2024 |

Building a Newsletter Business for the Godfather of Fantasy Sports, with Eliot Crist

By Adam Ryan

How do you build one of the most successful fantasy football newsletters around? 

According to Eliot Berry, CEO of Matthew Berry’s Fantasy Life Newsletter, it’s all about recognizing strengths within each individual and understanding your growth goals. 

Eliot sits down with Adam to share his insights on maintaining engagement with your audience, leveraging partnerships for growth, and how to cope with the seasonal nature of any industry. He also reveals what he believes will be the future of the fantasy football industry and explains what excites him most about the work they’re doing at Fantasy Life.

Discover how Fantasy Life became a leading fantasy football media company built off the back of the world’s most engaged fantasy football newsletter. Join Eliot and Adam as they dive into the challenges and successes of building a startup, the power of listening, and the importance of surrounding yourself with smart people.


00:00:38 – Rapid Growth of Fantasy Football Newsletter

00:03:11 – Strategic Team Building for Growth

00:04:47 – Transitioning from Sales to Operations

00:06:14 – Balancing Passion and Skill in Building a Team

00:09:15 – Unlocking Growth Through Strategic Partnerships

00:15:04 – The Power of Newsletters for Consumer Companies

00:17:15 – Navigating Seasonality in Fantasy Football

00:21:21 – The Importance of Surrounding Yourself with Smart People

00:28:44 – Positive Impact of NFL on Business

00:29:42 – The Future of the Media Industry

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