30 June 2022 |

92 – How to Connect With Your Audience And Stop Email Bounce, With Becca Sherman, Workweek

By Daniel Murray

Becca Sherman knows how to get into inboxes. She also knows a thing or two about running a highly successful media company. Find out what else this industry expert has to offer.

Daniel and Becca jump right in, talking about how Becca wound up in the marketing space, why you should go deep when writing a newsletter, and fighting for space in a crowded inbox.

You’ll also hear Becca’s expert analysis on why a creator economy is the winning business model, why great content trumps perfect writing, and the importance of the content flywheel.

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The Creator Economy: The Future of Doing Business?

Creators are the new barons of business. In a digital world, anyone can make something and put it online for the world to see. But relatively few can turn their creative output into a revenue-generating machine.

To do this requires a back-end operations team, and that’s exactly the kind of business model media companies like Workweek are laying bets on.

The Creator Economy

The Creator Economy is the shift that’s taking place from a product-first to a creator-first model. The biggest companies in the world are investing in creators and content creators to build newsletters, audio content, and communities.

Creators have the power to generate a meaningful and real connection with their audience. In the creator economy, people are less interested in what a brand has to offer and more interested in the powerful connection and high value of the content produced.

The Winning Model

When creators are placed at the heart of business, everything flows from that point. Personality-driven content drives media sales, ads, events and educational opportunities. All supported by a team of operators taking the admin and marketing burden off the creator’s shoulders, allowing them to do what they do best: Create products that reinforce the need for that supporting cast.

Workweek, a relatively new media company in the space is one such example and is making significant waves in the creator economy space, with a bold business strategy incorporating the creator-first ideal.

Where is the Creator Economy Headed?

In many ways, the creator economy is nothing new. People have been trying to build, grow and monetize their creations for years. The difference now is that it’s becoming the primary business model for so many larger corporations, small businesses, and individuals alike.

Creative-driven businesses are seeing success, empowering their creators to create and distribute content on their behalf. This is a significant investment of time, money, and resources and one of the best ways for a brand to scale. Personality and storytelling done well, is a driving force no matter what size your company.


Savvy media operators already know the power of the creator economy, they also know the challenges.

In a world where thousands of newsletters and podcasts are competing for your attention, relatively few are going to make it past your spam filter, or search results and into your inbox, or indeed your ears.

It’s what stands companies like Workweek apart. Rather than shying away from the challenge, they raise the bar even further by shining a light on the creator individually, not just the product they’re creating.

When you’re a recognizable face at events, or generating a huge following on Twitter, when you’re guesting on other podcasts, that’s how your product grows. Personality-driven marketing, the highest quality production and content, and a team of world-class operators to back you up, that’s the winning business model.

Where will it be five or ten years from now? Who can say, but the way things are heading right now, it’s a safe bet the creator economy is on an upwards trajectory with no signs of slowing down.