03 October 2023 |

198 – Mastering Social Media Satire, with Jack Raines

By Daniel Murray

Want to learn how to create viral content and grow your audience on LinkedIn? 

Daniel’s sitting down with the King of Funny Crap, a.k.a. Jack Raines, better known for his satirical posts on LinkedIn, to discuss his strategies for creating attention-grabbing content. 

Jack shares his best tips for writing satirically, explains the importance of authenticity in marketing, and unpacks the best ways to structure your posts for maximizing engagement on LinkedIn. 

Tune in to learn from Jack’s unique approach and take your content game to the next level.


00:00:04 – Creating Funny LinkedIn Posts for Growth

00:01:30 – Using LinkedIn for Effective Content Marketing

00:06:23 – Organizing Notes for Fresh Writing Ideas

00:09:40 – How to Structure LinkedIn Posts for Maximum Attention

00:15:16 – Using LinkedIn to Drive Newsletter Subscribers

00:19:50 – Mastering the Art of Satirical Writing

00:23:35 – Creating Viral Social Media Content

00:28:45 – The Power of Authentic Content Marketing

00:32:46 – Learn Marketing Tips from Jack Reigns


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