28 September 2023 |

197 – How to Stand Out in B2B, with Will Allred

By Daniel Murray

Looking for innovative ways to stand out in your content marketing? 

In this ep, Daniel sits down with Will Allred, co-founder of Lavender, to discuss the power of community and unique content strategies for LinkedIn. With a powerhouse marketing strategy, Will opens his playbook to explain exactly how Lavender is dominating social media.

Discover how Lavender is revolutionizing B2B content marketing and building a rabid base of loyal followers through consistency and founder involvement. Plus, learn why Will believes in avoiding gated content and the importance of playing to your strengths. 


00:00:05 – Co-founder of Lavender Talks Email Marketing and Community

00:03:49 – Building a Community-Driven Tech Company

00:05:31 – Building Community on LinkedIn: Tips and Tricks

00:15:05 – Playing to Your Strength: The Key to Successful Events

00:18:20 – Innovate Your Content with Familiarity

00:26:47 – Standing Out in a Commodified Content Market

00:33:39 – The Annoyance of Gated Content

00:38:20 – Connect with Lavender on LinkedIn

00:39:51 – How to Stand Out in Marketing


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