06 April 2023 |

153 – The Rise of Short-Form and Long-Form Video Content, with Cassie Petrey

By Daniel Murray

Why should you be creating content for the right reasons?

Co-founder of Crowd Surf and named one of Forbes’ “30 Under 30,” Cassie Petrey is in the studio today, chatting about her experience providing specialized marketing services to stars like the Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Camila Cabello, and more.

Cassie discusses how authenticity and staying true to a creator’s vision are the key to successful content creation. She and Daniel then break down the importance of understanding how and why we consume content, the advantages of short-form vs. long-form content, and why the best influencers should have a mission to help others in some way.

They also dive into how supporting a creator’s authentic self is the best way to ensure they remain true to their vision.

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· 0:00 Intro

· 1:36 From local to national music marketing

· 2:21 For the love of the game

· 3:46 Short-form vs. long-form video

· 7:19 How content is discovered

· 8:46 What makes great long-form and short-form videos?

· 12:06 Editing unplanned content

· 14:10 Influencing for the greater good

· 17:01 Stumbling into social media fame

· 19:55 Staying true to your vision

· 23:54 A hill to die on

· 25:28 The power of social media content

· 27:59 Biggest career wins

· 28:47 Career advice

· 31:35 Contact us