20 September 2022 |

109 – How to win on TikTok with JT Barnett

By Daniel Murray

How does a former Kelowna Rocket go from pro hockey to pro content creation? Listen into this conversation on the first LinkedIn Live.

In this special episode JT and Daniel answer questions from across the globe, digging into why JT feels so strongly about Tik Tok as a platform for creators, why intention is more important than production values, and why Tik Tok is rolling out a Near You page.

You’ll also hear JT answer audience questions on anything from posting cadence to how Tik Tok is being used as a jobs board.

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Intro: 0:00

Hockey Pro to Content Pro: 2:30

TikTok Teacher: 4:12

Long Term Vs Trend: 5:23

The Second Question You Ask: 10:44

Brands That Inspire: 15:11

Make The Switch: 19:12

Geo-tagging: 28:55

Go Hard For Authenticity: 31:34

Organic Content For The Win: 44:14

How to Create a TikTok Jobs Board 

Is social media job posting the silver bullet employers are looking when building relationships with potential job applicants?

Apps such as TikTok are hugely popular among young professionals, due to the ease of use and accessibility of the application. 

How can we leverage these insights to tap into the TikTok audience and use it as a job board? This article explains how you can get started with your own ‘TikTok strategy’. Let’s dive in!

Why Create a TikTok Jobs Board?

TikTok remains a fast-growing social media app. Available in 40 languages and with 1 billion users across 150 countries, this massive user base is a great way to tap into a younger demographic and reach out to potential candidates.

How to Use TikTok for Recruiting

If you choose to use TikTok as a job board, the first step is to create a branded account. Make sure that your profile name is clear and descriptive. Do not use your company name but rather a branded name. 

Next, create a post that describes the type of employees you are looking for. In addition to a text-only post, include a picture to catch the eye of potential candidates. Make sure that you include the hashtags that are relevant to the position you are looking to fill. 

Keep in mind that the tone of your TikTok posts should be consistent with your other social media channels. Your posts should be lighthearted and engaging to encourage users to comment and interact with your posts. Finally, share your posts across other social media channels. This is an easy way to increase the reach of your TikTok posts and tap into a demographic that may not be actively looking for jobs.

Tip 1: Create a branded account and post jobs there

This will allow you to create an account with a business email address, which gives it more legitimacy. Once you create your account, you can start posting jobs. Make sure to post a variety of content.

Tip 2: Run an ad to find potential job applicants using your brand’s hashtag

Another way to leverage TikTok as a job board is to run an ad to find potential job applicants using your brand’s hashtag. TikTok allows you to create a branded hashtag for your company, which gives it greater visibility for all users. Once you create your branded hashtag, you can run an ad. TikTok’s ad platform is similar to Instagram’s ad system. 

You can choose to promote a post from your feed or host a poll using a hashtag. You can also create an ad using a hashtag. Ads are a great way to get your brand’s message out to a wide audience. You can host a poll to ask users what they would like to see more of on TikTok. You can also ask them about their job search and what barriers they face.

Tip 3: Leverage user-generated content by hosting an Ask Me Anything (AMA) event with current employees

Another way to tap into TikTok’s user-generated content is to host an AMA event with current employees. This is a great way to tap into TikTok’s unique features and allow employees to create their own content. If your brand is small, one option is to host an AMA event with a few employees. This is a great way to showcase different parts of your company and give potential candidates a glimpse into your workplace. 

Another option is to host an AMA event with one or more senior-level employees. This is a great way to give potential candidates an inside look into your company. You can ask the employees involved in the AMA to answer questions related to the job they are in and their experience in the position.


TikTok is a great way to reach out to a younger demographic and tap into user-generated content to create a more authentic and engaging presence on the app. This can be useful to repost content from other social media platforms or to create new content tailored to TikTok.

 If your company has not yet adopted TikTok as a job board, this is a great opportunity to reach out to a new audience and build relationships with potential candidates.