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Is Twitter Dead?

Was it a Marketing stunt? Was it just buzz? Nope. Twitter is officially ditching their iconic logo for Elon Musk’s new…

How You Can Improve Conversion Rates Now

 How You Can Improve Conversion Rates Now:Conversion rate rocket fuel:  The process of implementing this tool is SO straightforward you’re…

Marketing Royalty

Marketing Bestie, meet Robin Daniels. Former CMO of WeWork and a 2023 Marketingland speaker, Robin has led some of the biggest brands through…

Time is Money

Getting started in the working world I would often hear mentors and business gurus say “to value your time because…

Barbie’s Dreamhouse

1) Barbie x Xbox Where the new age meets the old age. Barbie’s collab with Microsoft pays homage to the dreamhouse…

Building Your Dream Landing Page

Today’s guest is a special one, and no it’s not just because he hosting a live podcast at Marketingland on October 18th….

The Messi Effect

Tight budgets, close deadlines, and tons of stress, Marketing can get Messi.  But every so often there are campaigns and Marketers alike…

15 Things I Wish I Knew Starting My Marketing Career

. People want to follow people, not brands. Turn your brand into a personality and growth will follow. And a personal brand…