08 October 2023 |

Do you really need 1 more tool?

By Hebba Youssef

Probably not… 

I read somewhere once that the average HR team has 9 different tech tools. 

NINE. You read that right! 

Are you counting yours right now?? If you feel compelled, reply to this email and tell me how many tools you’re using! I’d love to know… 

Because I think about HR tools A LOT. 

Maybe more than your average HR person… 

I’m constantly doing demos, looking at new tools and trying to understand what problems we are trying to solve with technology. I’m even going to HR tech this week! 

Spoiler alert: despite all the tools, HR still faces issues. 


Well because HR tools don’t actually fix everything. They can help with certain aspects of the job but HR teams still need to think about the processes and experiences your employees are having. 

My focus this quarter will be all about rethinking your HR tech stack and your processes! Because you can’t think about one without considering the other. 

Tech + processes go hand in hand. 

A lil preview below of what’s to come! 

Additional reading: Jennifer Kim wrote a KILLER article about HR tech and why VCs have been putting so much money into HR Tech, 

Why you should rethink your tech stack. 

Are you happy with your current tools? 

Or do you dread having to use one of your tools? 

We’ve all been there. 

Are you dealing with:

  • Software that isn’t integrated 
  • Tools that aren’t scaling 
  • Data quality that is bad
  • User adoption that is low
  • An organization hesitant to change tools for fear of disruption
  • Budgets that are being slashed 

If you said yes to any of the above, now may be the perfect time to rethink your tech stack… 

Because those issues paired some macro trends like: 

  • Workforce dynamics are changing  (Gen Z is driving a lot of that!)
  • A focus on increased efficiencies with the introduction of more generative AI tools
  • Data driven decision making being an absolute must 
  • Employees looking for better experiences 

Is a recipe for disaster!

A great tech stack can:

  • Help a team be more efficient 
  • Produce quality data to help make strategic decisions 
  • Improve the employee experience 

But how do you get there? 

We’ll get into that this quarter and discuss:

  • What tools are out there 
  • How to choose your tech stack 
  • How to effectively implement a new solution 
  • How our changing workforce shapes how we think about tools 
  • Securing budget for tools 

Why you should rethink your processes:  

There are so many processes I want to challenge you to rethink.

Sometimes we get caught up in how we’ve always done something we don’t stop to ask ourselves: is this even working?


  • Performance management
  • Offboarding. Why is it always awkward?
  • Headcount planning 
  • Internal communication 

There’s tech out there that can help with all these things but if you don’t have a solid process to start with, it’s kinda fruitless

The end of the year is an amazing time to rethink your processes and plan for the following year!

So here we go… 

What’s next:

This edition was just a preview of what’s to come! 

The word of the quarter: rethink. 

I’ll probably use it so much you’ll get sick of me. 

Next week, I’m coming in hot with my recap from HR Tech and 3 tools we should all have our eyes on.