16 March 2023 |

3 resources every social media managers needs in their life


  1. Social Files
  2. Social Files
  3. Social Files

Kidding. Kind of. Lol.

I want to share the love today and curate 3 helpful resources that I consume on a weekly basis to make me a better, more confident social media manager.

And they might not be what you ‘expect.’

1) Creator Hooks by Jake Thomas

Every social media manager struggles wakes up occasionally without ideas. In a creative rut. It sucks.

One of the best ways to get around that?

Build a ‘swipe file’ — a resource filled with inspiration for high-performing content ideas.

I find a lot of my best content ideas in Jake’s newsletter. He curates high-performing examples of YouTube titles and sends them via email every week.

The key is to not limit yourself to YouTube titles here. With a little creativity, the inspiration from Creator Hooks can be applied to: Twitter threads, LinkedIn content, Instagram Reels, TikTok videos… any format.

I read it religiously — and it’s saved my ass several times.

2) Link in Bio by Rachel Karten

Rachel conducts great interviews with talented social media managers from all types of companies.

This recent piece on Amtrak’s famous ‘trains’ tweet was fantastic. I didn’t realize that one-word tweet went through seven — yes, seven — rounds of revisions.

If you work in social, Link in Bio should be on your required reading list alongside Social Files 🙂

3) PROse by Darien Payton

Darien writes about social and content for B2B marketing.

If you’re in B2B, his newsletter is the perfect compliment to Social Files.

Whereas I dive deeper into tactics and strategies, I think Darien does a great job talking about higher-level topics like brand positioning — or as he puts it, “the science of B2B brand building.”

Here’s a great piece of his on how to build a Brand Persona.

Bonus) Ultra Successful by Dr. Julie Gurner

The only reason this one didn’t make the main list is that it’s paid, and I want to keep the curation to non-paid resources. But this would be #1 on my list.

It’s the only newsletter I pay to read — and it’s worth every cent.

No. It’s not ‘social media marketing’ related. But if you’re an ambitious person that is building anything at all, I would recommend reading Dr. Gurner’s work.

That’s all I’ve got today.