31 August 2022 |

“Quiet Quitting” is nothing new


We all probably had the same reaction when we found our quiet quitting wasn’t actually quitting at all. It’s employees refusing to do more than what is on their job description. 

I call it a disengaged workforce.

I’m not advocating for employers to take advantage of their team, but it is a founder’s job to create an environment where people want to do more for the organization.

This can only happen by treating your team like business owners and encouraging them to use their strengths.

People will support the things they help create. If you want a team ready to step up and take the initiative, you need them to be empowered to make decisions and rewarded for the group’s success.

Make sure it is clear that when the team meets and exceeds its goals, the entire team will be rewarded.

As people begin to become invested in bringing new ideas that will help push growth, encourage them and help them bring their ideas to life.

There is no unity without empowerment.

Quick heads up, this article is over a year old, and I’m not trying to stir up anything.

Mr. Beast is becoming known as the voice of YouTube. ALL of his videos get between 60-120 million views. To make this even more impressive, he is only 23 years old. 

He has essentially dedicated his life to learning, testing, and creating on YouTube for the last 12 years. 

In interviews, he admits he is obsessed. 

Growing on YouTube is all he thinks about.

This creates a unique dynamic of Leadership Challenges. 

  1. He is young and inexperienced (Mistakes are part of growth)
  2. He knows more about YouTube than anyone in the world

As I Googled “Mr Beast Leadership” I didn’t expect to see good things.

The truth is being the smartest person in the room is one of the most difficult challenges a leader can face.

When you have mastered a subject, it becomes really easy to pick apart the ideas of others.

Great leaders have a way of bringing out the best in others and encouraging growth through mistakes.

Building up others, even when you are 99% sure they are wrong, requires exceptional emotional intelligence.

Even the most incredible and brightest minds can only get so far until hitting a wall (aka burnout) without learning how to connect with and inspire the people around them.

Emotional Intelligence is a leadership super power.