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Scheduling for window cleaning businesses

Scheduling for your business

Figuring out and managing your work schedule can be a nightmare and also eat up a lot of your time, but it doesn't have to when you use WorkWeek.

You select a date, create the appointment, and you're done—all with just a few clicks. You never have to worry about missing a window cleaning appointment again, because WorkWeek is always there when you need it; on your phone or on your computer.

Invoicing for window cleaning businesses

Recurring Invoices

You probably have customers that you do window cleanings for on a set schedule: maybe every week, two weeks, etc. That can lead to a lot of time spent on creating invoices, or worse yet, you can end up forgetting to even send one out.

WorkWeek helps you streamline this process and save time with our recurring invoices. You only need to create a repeating invoice once. We then automatically generate and send a new one based on the schedule you've chosen: weekly, monthly, or anything in between.

Invoicing for window cleaning businesses
Business website for window cleaning businesses

A website for your business

People turn to the internet first when looking for businesses, so it's absolutely crucial that your business has its own website.

With WorkWeek, you don't need to spend a lot of money or effort to get a website, because one is included with every account. We take your business's info and logo and tailor a website just for you. Within minutes your website is online and available to customers.

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