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Gain access to a proven playbook and grow your network in franchise ownership.

Program begins on March 23
This program fits into your busy schedule requiring only 5hrs/week commitment.

What you'll get

Grow your following and convert your audience.


Get the resources you need to grow your social media audience and create forever customers.

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Focus on channel growth and optimization instead of scrambling to make next week's posts. 

Get my social audit template, content calendar, and more.

Software Must-Haves

There are a few tools every successful social media manager uses.

See the tools I use that set your social media apart from the rest.

Tricks of the Trade

How do you get music (that isn't under copyright) for social posts? How do you size images for best results? Should you post on holidays? 

Learn all of this and more.

Why I designed the toolkit

There are thousands of social media resources out there. It's hard to know which one is the right one.

This toolkit is a proven social playbook filled with unbiased tools, tips, and tricks of the trade. 

Growing your social channel starts when you stop scrambling to pull together content, and you take control of your messaging, aesthetic, and processes.

Meet the Creator, Tommy Clark

Hey! I'm Tommy. 

I'm the Head of Social at Triple Whale, one of the ecosystem's fastest-growing B2B SaaS startups. I've developed their social media strategy into an industry powerhouse, raking in millions of organic impressions (and revenue) generated via social.

I'm the Founder of Social Files, a Workweek newsletter with a no-BS focus on helping brands like yours grow on social media. 15,000+ social media managers, CMOs, and founders read it every week. I also consult for several brands on social media growth and strategy.

Now, I'm sharing all of my tips and tricks with you in my social media toolkit.

Grow and manage your social media audience with a proven toolkit.

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