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Professional Estimates for Remodeling Businesses

Detailed Estimates

WorkWeek's professional estimates can help you impress customers and land more work. When bidding on a job, potential customers expect detailed and clear estimates. They're quick to create and include everything you need to give the customer: materials, labor, prices, and any notes about the job. They can also be converted to an invoice with the click of a button.

Job Management for Remodeling Business

Organize Jobs

When you start a new job there are numerous thing you need to keep track of: customer contact info, scheduled appointments, notes, and related invoices/estimates. With WorkWeek, it's easy to manage all of that and more. Each job you add to WorkWeek helps organize the important details so you never lose them.

Job Management for Remodeling Business
Automated Customer Feedback for Remodeling Business

Customer Feedback

Customer happiness is one of the most important things when running a business, but it can be difficult to actually get and manage feedback from your customers. WorkWeek simplifies the process by automatically emailing customers after you finish a job to ask them for feedback, which lets you quickly and effortlessly see how you did on a job. The testimonials can even be posted directly to your Facebook page with one click.