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Jacob Espinoza is the creator of Leaders Lens — a twice-weekly newsletter with over 20,000 subscribed leaders learning insights, tactics, and resources to up their leadership game. 

He's sharing the lessons he's learned as a seasoned leadership coach and foundation director, giving business leaders a shortcut to leadership mastery.

After spending three years as a leadership consultant with T-Mobile, he left and helped found the McLaran Leadership Foundation. The foundation focuses on developing emerging leaders in his hometown, Salem, Oregon. 

In 2023, he joined the team at Workweek as the Director of Creator Success.

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Communication is the foundation of every strong business and team. It impacts productivity, trust, morale, engagement, and profitability. 

Miscommunication can cost companies with 100 employees or less an average of $400,000+ every single year. 

The rules of workplace communication are often ambiguous and lack clear structure and reasoning, leading to unintended negative outcomes - like employees leaving.

This course teaches clear communication habits and techniques to improve teamwork and efficiency.

Build strong communication habits within your team

Reduce internal mistakes within your organization

Boost morale and employee engagement

For leaders who want to: 

Master managing a remote team

About 3 hrs/wk that you can complete on your own time.

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Once registered you will have access to this course and its materials indefinitely.

The course is designed to take you 2-3 hours per week over 4 weeks, but it's a self-paced course and can be completed as you see fit.

If you complete the course and are unsatisfied, please reach out to [email protected].

You can reach out to [email protected]. We do our best to accommodate every participant who joins the course.



  • Lesson 1: Getting Started

  • Lesson 2: Communicating Through the Leader's Lens

  • Lesson 3: Effective Communication: Before the Conversation

  • Lesson 4: Effective Communication: During the Communication

  • Lesson 5: Effective Communication: After the Communication

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Statistics show 86% of executives and employees believe a lack of effective collaboration and communication is the main cause of workplace failuresEmpower your team to communicate ideas with confidence using Effective Communication Strategies by Leader's Lens.

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On a large scale, working from home is new. Leaders don't have mentors to help them navigate the tactical and practical of leading remote teams while protecting communication. This course shows you how.

Grow comfortably as a leader with stronger and more effective communication habits: which can boost productivity by as much as 25%.

Create your remote playbook

Close the confidence gap

Boost employee retention with clear-cut communication strategies. 

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Jacob Espinoza

Key Course Takeaways

Cultivating a leadership mindset.

Lead with strength. Build confidence in yourself and your team by leading from your collective strengths instead of focusing all of your energy on fixing flaws.

How you act and show up as a leader depends on a strong, focused mindset. Learn how to cultivate the right frame of mind to support and encourage your team.

The principles of effective communication.

Learn to apply the right context and explanations to each piece of communication used at work, both synchronously and asynchronously, to prevent errors, delays, and friction.

Most of your communication work is done before you ever contact someone. Knowing your tools, biases, and the medium for your message happens before you even hit send. Learn the prep work for communication and its impact.

Most internal mistakes can be avoided with more vigorous communication habits and processes. Poor communication is responsible for 70% of corporate errors. Reduce costly mistakes with a proven communication framework.

Learn the five major reasons communication can be ineffective - and what you can do to avoid them.

How to streamline communication and reduce internal mistakes.

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