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Job management for janitorial businesses

Effective job management

Managing your jobs and all the related details can be difficult, but WorkWeek makes it easy to keep everything organized. Customer info, invoices, notes, and more are all sorted and arranged by job, which makes it easy to find everything you need to know. You can also quickly see which jobs have been paid for and which ones you still to collect payment for.

Scheduling for janitorial Businesses

Simple Scheduling

WorkWeek helps you keep your business on track with our online scheduling software. Adding a new appointment only takes a couple of clicks and can be done right from your phone. The details of your day, week, month, and beyond are all accessible right there in your pocket. And since everything is online, you'll never forget an important appointment or lose a job.

Scheduling for janitorial Businesses
Invoicing for janitorial businesses

Recurring Invoices

For those repeating jobs, WorkWeek saves you time and effort with our recurring invoices. You pick a frequency: weekly, monthly, or any other time period, and a new invoice will automatically be created when the time rolls around. Recurring invoices make sure you never forget to invoice a customer and lose out on money.

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