Manage your handyman business for the price of a tank of gas

You’re the jack-of-all-trades we rely on when things go wrong and need repair in our homes and businesses. WorkWeek is the jack-of-all-trades you can rely on to be as handy as you are.

How does WorkWeek help you?

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Professional Website

WorkWeek automatically maintains a professional website that grows with your business. No need to hire a web designer or developer to get a great website. We build one specifically designed for your handyman business in minutes. Best of all, we keep it updated with the handyman services you provide and areas you serve, so you never even have to think about it. When you’re a WorkWeek customer, we even work with you to choose a great custom domain, and we do all the work to register it and set it up to return your handyman site—all at no additional charge.


Ready to ditch your day planner? Our Today view keeps your schedule straight. It’s the hub of your daily handyman activity. You’ll wake up to a greeting with the weather, all of your appointments, the traffic, and how many miles you’ll be driving to get through the day. Wondering what’s coming up this week or this month? Use our Schedule view to keep an eye on your workweek, and our Calendar view to see what’s happening all month.

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Job Management

Jobs are the core of your handyman business, and WorkWeek is built entirely around your jobs. Having trouble keeping up with what handyman jobs are upcoming, in progress, paid for, or overdue? WorkWeek keeps your jobs under control. Our tools make it easy to schedule your work, keep client information at your fingertips, provide quick and painless estimates and invoices, and more—all the things you need to manage each handyman job all the way to completion.

Estimates and Invoices

WorkWeek helps you get paid for your handyman work. We make pricing and billing jobs simple and easy. You’ll be able to create and send professional estimates and invoices to customers in no time. Keep tabs on that invoice until it’s paid—we’ll show you when the customer viewed it, and even remind them to pay. We’ll even help customers pay you with a credit card with our Payments service. No more waiting for a check in the mail or need to deposit cash in the bank—we can handle it all for you, and make paying you more convenient for your customers.

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Customer Relationships

Good customer relationships are critical for your handyman business. With WorkWeek, you’ll be able to see each customer’s past handyman jobs, their appointments, notes, as well as estimates and invoices. We’ll show you how much you’ve made from each customer, and even help you send out emails to notify customers of special deals going on. Need to drum up some handyman work in a slow season? We can help with that, too.

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