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Customer management for housekeeping businesses

Customer management

Customer management couldn't be easier with WorkWeek's software. All of your customer info is stored securely online, so you'll never lose a name, phone number, or address again.

You can also get a detailed look at the history of each of your customers; see how many jobs you've done for them, the total income of all those jobs, past appointments and notes and more.

Scheduling for housekeeping businesses

Simple Scheduling

When a customer calls to schedule a cleaning, it can be a nightmare to figure out the next time you're free. You can be left scrambling to search through all your appointments to find a time and date.

WorkWeek makes the process simple by quickly letting you see the next time you're available for an appointment. You set your business hours, and we give you the prefect time to schedule your next cleaning, all with one click.

Scheduling for housekeeping businesses
Business website for housekeeping businesses

A business website

WorkWeek helps you find more work and increase your online visibility with your own, personalized website. By the time you've finished creating your account, your website is almost finished.

It includes everything a customer needs to know about your business and even has a contact form so that customers can make work requests directly from your website.

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