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Managing Your Company and Account

QuickBooks Integration

Connecting your QuickBooks Online and WorkWeek accounts is fast and easy. As soon as they're connected you'll be able to sync your WorkWeek invoices, customers, and payments to QuickBooks with the click of a button, saving you or your accountant from having to enter in the same info twice.

Connecting you QuickBooks account

Before you can sync your invoices and customers to QuickBooks, you'll need to connect your QuickBooks account. To get started, first go to Account on the top menu and then click Manage your Account. From here, click Manage social connections and third party services.

In the QuickBooks section on the connections page, click Read more and get started with QuickBooks Connection, and then click the Connect to QuickBooks button on the bottom of the page. You'll now be redirected to the QuickBooks site and will be asked to login to QuickBooks if you aren't already.

The next screen is where you authorize the connection between your WorkWeek and QuickBooks accounts. From here, hit the Connect button to connect your accounts.

Syncing your WorkWeek data

After your accounts are connected, you're ready to start syncing. On the Manage social connections and third party services page, located in the Account menu under Manage your account, you'll find a Sync To QuickBooks button. Pressing the button will start the sync process, and once it finishes, your invoices, customers, and payments will be synced in QuickBooks

What gets synced to QuickBooks

  • Invoices you've sent to customers will be created in QuickBooks. This includes customer details, line items, total, due date, sent date, and invoice notes.

  • Customers and their contact info will be synced.

  • Payments you receive, whether from WorkWeek payments or manually marking an invoice as paid, will also be synced over to QuickBooks.

Disconnecting your QuickBooks account

If you'd like to disconnect your QuickBooks account from WorkWeek, head over the the Manage social connections and third party services under Account > Manage your account. In the QuickBooks section you'll find a Disconnect link. Click the link, and it will remove the connection between WorkWeek and QuickBooks.

After disconnecting the accounts, you're free to reconnect QuickBooks at any time if you want to start syncing your WorkWeek data again.