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Invoicing and Estimates

How do I receive online payments for my invoices?

Online invoices are a fast and easy way to get paid for your work. You can start receiving payments directly to you bank account by going to the Manage page by clicking the G. From there, find and click Configure online payments for invoices. From here, you'll need to enter in the routing and account number of your bank account, as well as some personal info. You can also customize the statement description customers see on their credit card statement as well as a service description, which should generally describe the type of services/work you provide. If you're unsure what you should fill in for those, please contact us at

When you receive payment for your invoices, there is a 3.15% processing fee and a flat .55 cents fee for each transfer to your bank account. Online payments are sent to your bank account on a two day rolling schedule.

For example, if you invoiced a customer for $100, the processing fee would be $3.15 plus .55 cents for a total of $3.70, and the net amount deposited into your bank account would be $96.30, which will happen two days after it was paid along with any other payments within that period.