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Managing Jobs

How do I create a job?

Jobs are the core of WorkWeek, and they can be created in two different ways.

The quickest way to create a job for a brand new customer is from the Jobs page, which you can get to by clicking Jobs on the top navigation bar. The Jobs page organizes all of your jobs, lets you search for jobs by number, customer name and address, and is also where you can create new jobs. Clicking the Start a New Job button at the top will take you to the new job screen. From here you can add one or more services you'll be providing and enter the new customer's name and contact info. Once you're finished, press the Create this Job button, and you're all set.

If the new job's customer has already been added to WorkWeek, you should create the job directly from the customer. To get started, go to the Customers page by clicking Customers on the navigation bar. On the Customers page locate the customer the job is for by either finding them on the list and clicking on them or by searching for their name or address. That will take you to the Customer Details page, and from there open the blue popover menu on the upper right and select Start a New Job. This page is where you choose the services you'll be providing. After you've added them all, click Create this Job and your new job will be added.